Outage Information

While Henry County REMC strives to keep power outages to a minimum, they can't be totally avoided. Storms, animals, accidents, equipment failure and even human error all are potential factors that cause power outages. If you experience a power outage, we make it every attempt to restore power as quickly and as safely as possible.

What to do in case of power failure:

  1. Check fuses and/or breakers, check meter for blinking light
  2. Call your neighbors to see if they have power.
  3. Have your location number (on your monthly bill), street address and phone number ready when you call us.

Outages 24/7:

To report an outage call us toll free (800) 248-8413. Please do not e-mail us to report an outage. We cannot guarantee an immediate response. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for major or scheduled outage information.

Scheduled Outage Information:

Nothing currently scheduled.





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